European Governance

Alongside the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Paris Ile-de-France region, which guarantees the financial resources of the school through an annual subsidy, the Berlin Government (Senate) has provided its support to the School for over 25 years. ESCP also enjoys the backing of the Turin Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts Industry, the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and a host of players belonging to the European business community.

ESCP has been an EESC (Établissement d’enseignement supérieur consulaire) since 1st January 2018, affiliated to the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry Paris Ile-de-France, its main shareholder, the two others being the Alumni Association and the School’s Foundation

ESCP is run like a private entity, with a non-Executive Board and an Executive Committee.

Each campus has its own specific governance structure:
Board of Governors (France), Charity (UK), Verein (Germany), Asociacion (Spain), Fondazione (Italy).

The Federal Board (Conseil Fédéral) formulates the School’s strategy. Its membership is comprised of representatives from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Paris Ile-de-France region, from other national boards, from Faculty, staff and student, Alumni and Foundation representatives.


European Executive Team
The School has a matrix structure of management with federal Directors, responsible for European functions and overall unity, and Campus Directors, responsible for a local Campus and its development.

Prof. Léon Laulusa, Dean & Executive President

Léon Laulusa, Dean and Executive President of ESCP Business School

Federal Directors

  • Prof. Simon Mercado*: Executive Vice-President in charge of Global Development, Partnerships and Accreditation
  • Prof. Francesco Rattalino*: Executive Vice-President in charge of Academic Affairs and Student Experience
  • Prof. Véronique Tran*: Executive Vice-President in charge of Executive Education and Corporate Relations
  • Prof. Pramuan Bunkanwanicha*: Dean of the Faculty
  • Anaïs Ravet: Chief of staff and Director for Institutional Affairs, Governance and Legal Affairs
  • Prof. Régis Cœurderoy: Associate Dean for Research
  • Prof. Joe Miemczyek: Associate Dean for Sustainability

*also serve as members of the Management Board

Campus Directors

  • Prof. Véronique Tran: ESCP Berlin Campus Dean
  • Prof. Kamran Razmdoost: ESCP London Campus Dean
  • Prof. Javier Tafur: ESCP Madrid Campus Dean
  • Prof. Cécile Kharoubi: ESCP Paris Campus Dean
  • Prof. Alberta Di Giuli: ESCP Turin Campus Dean
  • Prof. Simon Mercado: Dean for partner/branch campuses (Warsaw and Dubai)

International Advisory Board (IAB)

  • President: Mr René Ricol
    Former General Commissioner for Public Investment,
    Co-Founder and President, Ricol Lasteyrie
  • Ms Céline Abecassis-Moedas
    Dean for Executive Education and Associate Professor in Strategy and Innovation Management, Catolica, Lisbon
  • Ms Nada Biaz
    CEO, ISCAE Group, Casablanca
  • Mr Joachim Bitterlich
    Former Ambassador,
    Former Executive VP international Affairs, Véolia Environnement 
  • Ms Helke Carvalho-Hernandes
    Deputy Director General, EFMD
  • Ms Chiara Corrazza
    Managing Director Women's Forum for the Economy & Society
  • Mr Ignacio Garcia-Alves (MIM 1992)
    CEO, Arthur D. Little Global
  • Ms Maria Garrido
    Senior Vice President for Brand Marketing
  • Ms Catherine Gaudry (EMBA 2017)
    Partner and Managing Director Scholz & Friends
  • Mr Frédéric Genta (MIM 2005)
    Member of Monaco Government in charge of attractiveness and digital transformation
  • Prof. Martina Gonzalez-Gallarza
    Former Dean of the Faculty of Business Studies at the Catholic University of Valencia (Spain),
    Member of the Board of Pernod Ricard
  • Ms Yasmina Jaidi (PhD 2009)
    International Director Leadership & Culture Programmes, L’Oréal
  • Prof. Andrzej Kozminski
    President of Kozminski University
  • Ms Dinah Louda
    Advisor on International Affairs to the CEO, Veolia
  • Ms Laragh Marchand-Arpoumé
  • Ms Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke (EMBA 2009)
    Founder & Managing Director
    Women's Worldwide Web (W4)
  • Prof. Francesco Profumo
    Former Minister of Education (Italy),
    President, Iren Group
  • Dr. Laura Sasse (MIM 2013)
    CEO - Sasse Group
  • Ms Miriam Van Straelen
    Partner at Roland Berger, Warsaw
  • Ms Agata Wadowska
    Economic Commission for Europe/Ministry for European Affairs, Warsaw

Federal Governance
Board (Conseil d'Administration de l'EESC ESCP)

  • President: Philippe Houzé,
    Executive Chairman, Galeries Lafayette Group
  • Members from the CCIR:
    • Cécile André-Leruste
    • Muriel Barnéoud
    • Stéphane Fratacci
    • Brigitte Gotti
    • Philippe Goetzmann
    • Valérie Henriot
    • Prof. Thomas Jeanjean
    • Joëlle Lellouche
    • Fabienne Lichentin
    • Alexandre Pochon
    • Damien Savary
    • Anne-Gabrielle Verdier
  • Campus representatives:
    • Miriam Van Straelen: Berlin Campus,
    • Lord David Gold: London Campus
    • Domingo San Félipe: Madrid Campus
    • Prof. Francesco Profumo: Turin Campus
  • Dean of Faculty:
    • Prof. Pramuan Bunkanwanicha
  • Faculty representatives:
    • Prof. Jérôme Couturier
    • Prof. Alexandre Lederman
  • Staff representative:
    • Marion Leparmentier,
      Director of Studies Europe - Bachelor in Management (BSc)
  • Student representative:
    • Elisa Somà
      President of the Board, AGORA ESCP Student Union
  • Alumni representative:
    • Thomas Chardonnel,
      Director of the France partnerships and the Ametis network business, CNP Assurances
  • Foundation representative:
    • Christian Mouillon,
      Hororary Chairman of the ESCP Foundation

ESCP Europe Wirtschaftshochschule Berlin e.V.

Executive Team

Prof. Dr. Véronique Tran, Rector | Dean ESCP Berlin Campus, ESCP

Prof. Dr. Véronique Tran

Rector | Dean ESCP Berlin Campus
David Lehmann, Research Assistant / Coordinator Berlin InnoBridge, Berlin Campus, ESCP

Thomas Schmitz

Director Administration & Finance (Kanzler)
Alina Iakovleva, PA to the Rector
Coordinator of Student Life at ESCP Berlin

Alina Iakovleva

PA to the Rector
Coordinator of Student Life at ESCP Berlin Campus

Governance: ESCP Wirtschaftshochschule Berlin e.V.


  • Miriam van Straelen Partner at Roland Berger, Chairwoman
  • Jan Eder General Director of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce (IHK Berlin), Deputy-Chairman
  • Prof. Dr. Léon Laulusa Acting Executive President, Acting Dean
  • Brigitte Gotti Member of the EESC ESCP's Board, Treasurer, Member of DPI Developpment

Further members

  • Roland Engels Chief Representative of the Executive Board of Gegenbauer Holding SA & Co. KG
  • Valérie Henriot Member of the EESC ESCP's Board, Deputy General Manager of Finance of CCIR
  • Muriel Barneoud Member of the EESC ESCP's Board, Director of Social Engagement, Le Groupe La Poste
  • Stéphane Rambaud-Measson Managing Partner SRM Strategic Consulting
  • Marc Sasserath Founder and Manager of Sasserath Muntzinger Plus GmbH
  • Stephan Weber Chief People Officer Germany, BearingPoint
  • Thomas Jeanjean Chief Education Officer of CCIR
  • Michael Oschmann Managing Director, Müller Medien GmbH &Co. KG
  • Philippe Goetzmann, Member of the EESC ESCP Europe board

Institutional members

  • Établissement d'enseignement supérieur consulaire (EESC ESCP)
  • Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK) Berlin

We partner with

Sustainability Advisory Board

Business as usual is over: the Advisory Board in Sustainability Management consists of research, business and organisation experts and devoted itself to finding answers to essential questions within the field of sustainability management and sustainable business.

The Advisory Board is currently composed of nine members:

Alex Bachman - Coca-Cola European Partners

Alex Bachman

General Manager Sustainability
Coca-Cola European Partners
Deutschland GmbH
Jan Ehlers,
Director | Executive Education & Company Relations, ESCP Berlin Campus

Jan Ehlers

Director | Executive Education & Company Relations
ESCP Berlin Campus
Sylvie Geisendorf - ESCP

Sylvie Geisendorf

Holder of the chair of Environment and Economics
ESCP Berlin Campus
Ioannis Hatzopoulos - Procter & Gamble

Ioannis Hatzopoulos

Director, Sustainability & Recycling Communications
Procter & Gamble
Alexander Holst - Accenture Strategy

Alexander Holst

Managing Director
Accenture Strategy - Sustainability & Utility Strategy
Alina Iakovleva, PA to the Rector
Coordinator of Student Life at ESCP Berlin

Alina Iakoleva

Coordinator Green Campus
ESCP Berlin Campus
Florian Landorff - Welthungerhilfe

Florian Landorff

Head of Innovation
Katharina Latif - 

Katharina Latif

Head of Reputation Strategy & Analytics

The Advisory Board was established to share projects and activities done in the field of sustainability management with experts who provide first-hand experiences and practice. Furthermore, they help gain insights, feedback, as well as ideas and impetus for further development. The Advisory Board aims to expand the community for Sustainable Business at the ESCP and advance this significant subject area within the European context. 

Unity of research, teaching and practice

Activities and projects in the area of Sustainable Business of the past few years were joint and put together in an overarching term. The chair of Environment and Economics was established in 2011. In 2013, the research centre “SustBusy – Sustainability in Business and Society” was founded in Berlin.  Four years later, an additional chair of Corporate Sustainability was instituted. ESCP began offering the Master of Science in International Sustainability Management in 2016 and the Master of Science in Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2018.

Moreover, ESCP supports projects and activities of their students and partner organisations to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) enacted by the UN and establish them firmly in student’s curricula. In January 2019 ESCP’s third Conference for Sustainable Innovation brought stakeholders closer together than ever. The conference took place in January right in the heart of Berlin with businesses, government institutions and civil society joining forces to push the SDG agenda and face the challenges together. More than 300 international Master in Management students participated and developed ideas and projects in 20 workshops co-organised on the school’s campus on the second day of the conference by the oikos student society and the students of the MSc in International Sustainability Management.

Conference for Sustainable Innovation – Designing tomorrow

Watch the video playlist of the conference on YouTube

How to participate

Besides providing feedback on course contents and essential research questions, the Advisory Board also engages in lectures and supports students in their advisory projects.

What part do students have in this?

Students can contribute ideas and suggestions to student representatives within the Advisory Board and present their projects and initiatives.

Student representatives

Alice Trichet

Alice Trichet

Student Representative Agora Berlin
Henrik Schöppach

Henrik Schöppach

Student Representative ESCP Berlin

London - Charity



The Parliamentary Revieux - Best Practice Representative Badge

ESCP features as best practice representative in the annual Educational Support of 'The Parliamentary Review' for 2019/2020. The Publication, co-chaired by former UK ministers Lord Pickles and Lord Blunkett aims to share best practice among policymakers and business leaders.

Read the full article focused on the School and its London Campus here.

Executive Team

Prof. Javier Tafur, Madrid Campus Dean ,Madrid campus, ESCP Business School

Prof. Javier Tafur

Madrid Campus Dean
Laure Dersoir, PA to the Campus Dean, Quality Management, Madrid Campus, ESCP Business School

Laure Dersoir

PA to the Campus Dean
Quality Management
Prof. Alberto Martinez, Director Academic, Faculty & Research, Madrid Campus, ESCP Business School

Prof. Alberto Martinez

Director Academic, Faculty & Research
Bahija Errachidi, Director Finance, Administration & Human Resources, Madrid Campus, ESCP Business School

Bahija Errachidi

Director Finance, Administration & Human Resources
Francisco Egaña, Director Admissions & Business Development, Madrid Campus, ESCP Business School

Francisco Egaña

Director Admissions & Business Development
Olga Alonso, Director Executive Education, Madrid Campus, ESCP Business School

Olga Alonso

Director Executive Education
Prof. Miguel Palacios, Academic Secretary, Madrid Campus, ESCP Business School

Prof. Miguel Palacios

Academic Secretary

Madrid - Asociación ESCP Europe, España


Domingo San Felipe, Honorary Chairman of the French-Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry Honorary Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Belgium and Luxembourg in Spain, Member of the Advisory Board of Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo ESCP

Domingo San Felipe

Chairman of the Asociación,
Honorary Chairman of the French-Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Honorary Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Belgium and Luxembourg in Spain, Honorary Chairman of the Ducth-Spanish Business Forum, Member of the Advisory Board of Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo
Vice President of the Asociación - General Director, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Paris Ile-de-France region

Stéphane Fratacci

Vice President of the Asociación
General Director, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Paris Ile-de-France region
Prof. Léon Laulusa General Secretary of the Asociación, Executive President & Dean of ESCP

Prof. Léon Laulusa

General Secretary of the Asociación,
Executive President & Dean of ESCP
Brigitte Gotti, Treasurer of the Asociación, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Paris Ile-de-France region, ESCP

Brigitte Gotti

Prof. Annie Medina, Member, Emeritus Professor at ESCP

Prof. Annie Medina

Emeritus Professor at ESCP
Ignacio Garcia Alves, Global Chairman & CEO, Arthur D. Little, ESCP

Ignacio Garcia Alves

Global Chairman & CEO, Arthur D. Little

Paris - Board of Governors

Executive Team

Board (Conseil d'Administration de l'EESC ESCP)

The EESC ESCP and the Paris Campus are the same legal entity, and therefore under the same governance. 

Paris Campus - ESCP

Executive Team

Prof. Francesco Profumo, President | ESCP Turin Campus

Prof. Francesco Profumo

President | ESCP Turin Campus
PProf. Alberta Di Giuli, Dean | ESCP Turin Campus

Prof. Alberta Di Giuli

Dean | ESCP Turin Campus

Turin – Fondazione ESMI


Board of Directors

Board of Auditors

  • Prof. Piero Pisoni
    Professor of Accounting at University of Turin
  • Guido Bolatto
    Secretary General at The Turin Chamber of Commerce of Turin
  • Emanuele Chieli
    Chartered Accountant and French Honorary Consul
Deputy Auditors
  • Paolo Claretta Assandri
    Chartered Accountant
  • Prof. Fabrizio Bava
    Professor of Accounting at University of Turin

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Turin Campus - ESCP