Real Estate Projects

Our campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin, and Warsaw are the starting blocks for students and participants to learn about our European and multicultural approach to management.

While addressing ESCP's rapid development and its commitment to consider environmental issues, the modernisation of our campuses aims to offer a new and innovative educational experience, with the touch and feel of each of the cities in which they are located.

The Historic Paris Campus Becomes Modular and Modern With a Vertical Dynamic

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The renovation, restructuring, and extension project of ESCP's historic campus on the Avenue de la République in the 11th arrondissement of Paris features a unique and modern campus, a place of well-being, that is ecologically responsible, to study, experiment, work, meet, and exchange. It offers an optimal experience of quality learning and working life.

ESCP Paris Campus - Real Estate Project - Facade (small)

Verticality and modularity

To free up additional space and host the ever-increasing number of students, partners, teachers, and collaborators in the best conditions, the campus has a vertical dynamic that is open towards the outside, and enhanced with green terraces. The spatial and digital modularity fitting this verticality is the optimal and convenient response to the needs of the various users, in all the spaces that will be available to them.

ESCP Paris Campus - Real Estate Project - Aerial view

A reception area that is open towards the city, inviting you to discover and share the ESCP world, to come in and to keep coming back

You are welcomed in a typically Parisian open space that proudly exhibits its original Haussmannian elegance enhanced by a harmonious modern touch. Sheltered by a canopy of vegetation, you may move freely between the outdoor living space, the café, the showroom, and the boutique.

ESCP Paris Campus - Real Estate Project - Stepped courtyard

A “Cowork&Food®” space for student life and events

The architecture of the “Cowork&Food®” is divided into tiers, alcoves and corridors. It adapts to the different needs of student life and events organised on campus. In addition to a flexible and regular catering offer, it is also a multi-use space that can be transformed into a large hall to host major events.

ESCP Paris Campus - Real Estate Project - Cowork&Food® space

A "Learning" space for learning and teaching

Enjoy the best experience that "Smart Buildings" may offer, with study areas and modular classrooms awash with natural light, with a calm and serene feel to them. Designed to enhance your motility and multi-campus learning experience, they are easy to access, with extended opening hours, in order to accommodate hybrid training courses combining distance and face-to-face learning.

ESCP Paris Campus - Real Estate Project - Learning Space

A "Work Space" for all campus users, open and connected, with fluid circulation, to work and exchange

Organised by major functions (corporate and administrative, teaching and research, students and alumni, etc.), this space improves people flow, facilitating the passage from one department to another while offering co-working spaces with deliberately non-standardised decoration and furniture as a stimulant for your creativity and your formal or informal exchanges.

ESCP Paris Campus - Real Estate Project - Work Space

A vertical, terraced campus crowned by a prestigious rooftop, revealing ESCP Business School as the Parisian school par excellence

With more than 3,000 m² of terraces surrounding the historic courtyard, the Paris campus is transformed into a vertical campus. The vegetated rooftop is the highlight. This incomparable terrace offers a 360° view of Paris, a convivial and festive space, a privileged place to stimulate social links and meetings, and to organise prestigious events.

ESCP Paris Campus - Real Estate Project - Roof Top

Well-Being, QWL (Quality of Life at Work), and the Osmoz Standard

ESCP has chosen to closely follow the standards of the French OsmoZ reference system so that the living, working, and exchange spaces meet the major current societal challenges: environmental health, collaborative approach, lifestyle, user functionality, communication, and social ties.

Along with the digital and ecological dimensions, well-being and cohesion are the highlights of the project.

Sustainability, Circularity and Vegetation

The ESCP Paris campus renovation project is part of the CSR approach to which the school has been strongly committed for several years, and aims to achieve dual BREEAM and HQE Excellent certifications. Energy efficiency and climate resilience are major challenges from both the ecological and the economic point of view.

Vegetation, energy performance, and carbon footprint control are at the heart of the renovation of all the areas of the campus.

Digital Modularity and Smart Building

Besides the technical, architectural and urban planning dimensions, the digital aspect is a key factor in this renovation and rehabilitation project.

The buildings offer a flexible and open system, adapted to the evolution of digital technologies and uses, while respecting environmental constraints.

Access control, room reservations, supply and catering orders are facilitated by a multi-campus GDPR compliant app.

Ateliers 2/3/4/ - Project Managers - Architects and Landscape Architects

Ateliers 2/3/4/is a French agency dedicated to architecture, urbanism, landscaping, infrastructure, and interior architecture, gathering 11 associates and a hundred collaborators in Paris, Shanghai, and Guyana.

The agency's projects emerge from a precise analysis of the way contemporary cities evolve and renew themselves.

Each project is tailored to respond to social, urban, functional, and cultural issues, and offers an opportunity for research that makes it unique, in terms of sustainable development, landscape, typology, user well-being, or implementation process.

Ateliers 2/3/4/ believes in "density" as a major component of the city. Its know-how on the permeability of buildings allows them to elaborate a subtle alchemy to transform "density into intensity".

Like when blowing glass, it is from the inside that the buildings of Ateliers 2/3/4/ take shape. Their envelopes, like a garment, protect without hindering movement, and like a landscape, evolve with time.

The associates share their expertise as consulting architects for the State or as teachers, and in missions for professional bodies (French Architects' Association etc.). They regularly participate in professional forums, workshops, or conferences.

ESCP Paris Campus - Real Estate Project - Roof Top - Atelier 2/3/4/'s Sketch

ESCP Paris Campus - Real Estate Project - Welcome Space (small)

Project Approach
A Vertical Campus in the Heart of Paris

As the founding site of ESCP, the "République" site has adapted to two centuries of changes in society and its educational methods. Organised around an emblematic building of Haussmannian architecture, the "République" site has expanded over time. The school has opened to the world, particularly by extending its influence via other European sites.

Imagining the renovation of this prestigious complex in the heart of the capital, means, in addition to the programme and the location, trying to identify in the existing historic concerns the devices with the potential to metamorphose it.

Today’s society aspires to new relationships with its physical and human environment. New technologies generate ways of life where time and space acquire new dimensions.

Project presentation video


ESCP will be…


Extending, stretching, adding depth, but also making it easy to read and intelligible, and finally, giving a large space to nature. These are the fundamental acts that we imagined to deploy a vertical campus and to inscribe in the architecture of ESCP the values of "excellence, singularity, creativity and plurality" demanded by the project owner. To do this, we wanted the courtyard, a gathering place, to be visually enlarged to radiate onto the entire campus. Through light effects playing on transparency, it offers a luminous and vegetal universe, and is the expression of the school's community life together.


The southern part of the courtyard keeps the institutional image of the building and its Haussmannian character. The brasserie, the showroom, the boutique, and the reception area are all open, bright, elegant, and accessible to all, a blend of tradition and modernity.

Place of well-being

A light canopy with an evanescent design announces the passage to the Living Space, the school's place of effervescence, and reveals ESCP’s new identity composed of serendipity, modularity, and fluidity. The northern part of the courtyard is hollowed out and its façade becomes transparent, with on one side the large multi-purpose hall that covers the former courtyard of building 3 to accommodate the “Cowork&Food®”. On the other side the Study Space, a place of serenity, organized around the beautiful triangular volume of the former courtyard of building 4, bathed in daylight.

Organic and Ecological

We wanted the galleries, corridors, and elevator landings to become real meeting places, that are all linked to each other and can easily be walked both horizontally and vertically, like the landscaped expanse of a campus. Each major programme entity is associated with a large-scale outdoor space in the form of planted terraces and balconies, that form a plant constellation that gravitates around the historic courtyard.


This profound transformation is made possible by the redesign of the distributive column of Building 2, which allows the combination of different floor levels, and by the creation of a connection between Buildings 2 and 4. This new distributive structure will therefore offer greater proximity and flexibility in the daily use of the Learning Space and the Work Space.


Each roof becomes the support of a hanging garden The high floors of building 2 (5th and 6th floor) will host the school's administration and will support the emblematic Feel Well Space. The large garden terrace on the eighth floor will be the highlight of the campus where the magical theatre of the enchanting Parisian skyline is revealed.

ESCP Paris Campus - Real Estate Project - Amphitheatre

Project Managers

  • Architects: Ateliers 2/3/4/
    Laure Mériaud et Simon Rodriguez – Pagès
    234 rue du faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75012 Paris
  • Landscapers: Ateliers 2/3/4/
  • Engineering Consultants structure / fluids: TPF Ingénierie Ile-de-France (3 rue de la renaissance, 92160 Antony)
  • Engineering Consultants operations / maintenance: GESCEM (100 rue Albert Caquot, 06560 Valbonne)
  • Engineering Consultants Building Information Modeling (BIM): IM-PACT (3 rue de la renaissance, 92160 Antony)
  • Engineering Consultants energy efficiency: EODD (50 rue Albert, 75013 Paris)
  • Engineering Consultants economy: AE75 (1 rue St Charles, 75015 Paris)
  • Coordination of fire safety systems: TPF Ingénierie Ile-de-France

ESCP Paris Campus - Real Estate Project - Roof Top - Atelier 2/3/4/'s Sketch